Focus. Clarity. Alignment.

Executive coaching, training, and facilitation to help your team overcome business challenges and achieve top level priorities.

Michael Ashley aka MASH

A passion for simplicity

Our consulting services start with simple concepts that make a big impact.

Strategic Planning

It all starts with how you plan to win and keep customers in your niche.

Strategic Alignment

Then it’s reflected in how well aligned your team is on these top strategic objectives.

Transparent Communication

The source of most misalignment starts when communication breaks down.

Continuous Improvement

Empowering the team to look for, and fix, problems is the key to scaling.

Superior Quality

Poor quality is one of the first signs of a strategic breakdown.


A strong team, with focus, clarity, and alignment is unstoppable.

How it works

In the summer I run a program to help college students learn Digital Marketing Skills to prepare for the digital workforce. These interns are trained and get hands-on experience working on digital marketing campaigns with clients. You get high-quality, low-priced digital marketing help.

The Audits

  • Brand Audit to get a snapshot of where you’re at today.
  • Website Audit to see how you match up with competitors.
  • Social Media Audit to see how you communicate.
Tourist taking photo of a building
Windows of a building in Nuremberg, Germany

Learn from Best Practices

  • What are top brands doing?
  • What are top company websites doing?
  • How can we benchmark?

“We have a beautiful website, but we didn’t have a brand, and that’s the most valuable thing we gained from Mash.”

Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint