About Us

Welcome to Michael Ashley Consulting. I’m Michael, but you can call me Mash. I’ve spent years teaching, building businesses, and helping startups grow at San José State University. Now, through my consulting firm, I’m here to help you tackle the big challenges: getting your team on the same page, leading effectively, and making innovation a part of what you do every day.

Who’s Mash?
I’ve been around the block a few times—teaching future leaders about business, running the SpartUp Incubator at SJSU, and even starting a few businesses of my own. I’ve learned a lot from launching over 30 teams and making it to the finish line with four of my own ventures. Now, I’m working on something called Foclarity to help small teams work better together. I’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) in the real world, and I bring all that knowledge into everything I do.

What We Believe
Running a business shouldn’t be about fighting fires every day. It’s about having a clear plan, knowing what everyone should be doing, and making sure they’re excited to do it. It’s about being a leader that people want to follow. And yes, it’s about using the latest tech to do things smarter and faster—because who doesn’t want that edge?

What We Do

  • Get Everyone Aligned: We help you make sure that what you want to achieve and what you’re actually doing are lined up. This means less confusion and more hitting targets.
  • Solve Leadership Headaches: With some lessons from the trenches and practical tips, we help you become the leader your team needs to succeed.
  • Build Strong Teams: We share strategies to get your team working together like a well-oiled machine, ready to take on any challenge.
  • Spark Innovation: Using cool tech and AI isn’t just for the big guys. We show you how to use it to keep ahead of the curve, making your business faster and smarter.

Tech and AI for the Win
I’m all about using technology and AI to make things better, whether it’s figuring out your next move or making your day-to-day work easier. It’s not about fancy jargon or the latest buzzwords; it’s about finding real, practical ways to give your business a boost.

Let’s Make It Happen
If you’re ready to get your business moving in the right direction, to lead with confidence, and to make your team the best it can be, I’m here to help. Let’s use technology to not just keep up, but to get ahead. It’s time to turn those big dreams into reality.